Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Hot Summer Nights in Chi-Town

Had a mediocre MA class last night. Worked on lower body strength training and kicking technique. Worked on crescent kicks and learning how to crunch up and shoot out a hook kick. Had a mediocre partner who appeared to be dancing around somewhere else - her mind really wasn't on it. Had to bow out of the second class (in which I would actually get to pound the shit out things), as I had prep work to do for Weds, cause I'll be at Wrigley Field tonight.

I got a call from Yellow* yesterday inviting me to a Cubs game tonight. He got six tickets from one of our clients, and he's got together a group of us from work to go. So me, Yellow, Dee, Blaine, and Garret are heading out to a night game, which should be cool, as I've been here a year and haven't seen a game yet (Yellow's got one more ticket he's trying to pawn off on somebody). Going to a Cubs game is just something you do if you live in Chicago.

Should be amusing. They're a funny bunch of guys.

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