Thursday, December 30, 2004

Fixing Up the Fighting Life

So, I'll be 25 this year.

So, I have a lot to do.

The idea is to go on a deep-burn: that is, three days a week of fighting classes, two days a week of jogging. I've got the three days of fighting classes down fine - it's the damn jogging routine that I need to get into.

I'm also fiddling with my diet again, because I'm so incredibly sick of protein bars, and because they're damn expensive. I'm moving to meat & vegetables, relying more on mixed-nuts and veggies for snacking, cutting out my week-long rice and whole-wheat pita routine and moving those "treats" to the weekends (with the Thai food), and getting rid of some of my sillier craziness, like macaroni & cheese and white bread.

In April, when the weather's better, I'd also like to start biking to work at least once a week. In June, I'll need to decide if I want to stay at my MA school or move to another gym that offers boxing and rock climbing classes (it's also closer to my house). We'll see what sort of shape I'm in by then.

Pick somebody you want to be. Be that.

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Anonymous said...

Your dedication is really incredibly impressive, and motivating. I've never tried to change diet and do that much excercise at the same time- I had a pretty strong sense it would burn me out before I reached what I was aiming for. If you can do all of that at once, that's special. 

Posted by Brendan

Anonymous said...

Ha. I'm well aware that these are lofty goals, but I've found that the higher I shoot, the better I'll do. I don't expect that I'll actually nail this routine down for at least a year (if at all, totally), but it's a goal I'll be seriously working toward.

And, of course, I'm just about to post another freak-out about the monster that rears its head when things get sticky for me: my binge eating tendency. Also, I've got a shitload of traveling coming up with my job. It means I'll need to pack my jogging clothes and my jump rope.

Shit, I don't have any excuses anymore. I'm an adult. I've gotta get my shit together... .  

Posted by Kameron Hurley