Tuesday, January 11, 2005


I just can't believe people spend money on crap like this.

Oh, well, to each their own. Good luck getting your kids to college.

In any case, here's a couple wins for those who think fascism sunks.

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Anonymous said...

1. do you *know* what I could do with $25 million? Every time I seem something like that, I think about most of the organizations I've worked for, where $100 made a big difference and $1000 completely changed what we could do. And we did some awesome things on our tiny budgets, but think how much more we could have done with that $25 million. Or the money for the inauguration. Etc.

2. They're blaming gay people for AIDS. What the fuck is wrong with this museum? 

Posted by Laurel

Anonymous said...

Yea. Do you know how much $25M is in South African Rands? Two years ago, it was worth about R250,000,000. When the average person lives on something like R30 a week, that's a fuckload.

Yea. You could change big chunks of the world with money like that, spent right.


Posted by Kameron Hurley

Anonymous said...

$25 million was wasted on that crap? Just when I think fundamentalist Christians can't come up with something worse, I see something like that.

The Paluxi river bed "footprints" are the main thing Creationists cite to "prove" that dinosaurs existed with man. Those "footprints" were really caused by erosion, not dinosaurs chasing men around. Ridiculous. 

Posted by Trish Wilson

Anonymous said...

Too bad I don't have my own blog to post pix and articles, because this thing is about 10 miles from my family, and I am seriously thinking about going and snapping digital photos of the freak show. Maybe I will dump the photos, etc to "dispatches from the culture wars" or another anti-creationism blog. This item is in the KY suburbs of Cincinnati OH, a provincial city with significant race problems, but not Snake-Handler Central.On the other hand, we do have "quicksand Jesus", a 40 ft statue of Jesus with arms upraised, sunk in ground to armpits, in the far northern suburbs/fade into Middletown. 

Posted by NancyP

Anonymous said...

Man, I love Cincinnati civic pride - consists of finding the most bizarre outlandish things about the city. Jerry Springer was our mayor (really!). A major street downtown is named for a convicted felon - Pete Rose Way. (Rose is the guy banned from Cooperstown and from the whole sport of pro baseball for gambling). Marge Schott was our baseball team's owner at one time - master of rude racebaiting comments, and of a large dog she brought down on the ballfield and let do its rather large business. 

Posted by NancyP

Anonymous said...

the most frightening thing about that first story, frankly, is this phrase, whether it's true or not:

" the growing ranks of fundamentalist Christians in the United States." 

Posted by jp