Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I'm Paying Money for This Shit?

Via feministing:

Here's some sample "advice" being given out to today's teens in those abstinence-only sex-ed programs that my tax dollars are going toward. Here's my problem: this "advice" not only goes against my personal values, but encourages male hatred toward women, female passivity and the squelching of desire, and worst of all - presents lies, statements with no basis of "fact" as being "true."

“Because they generally become aroused less easily, females are in a good position to help young men learn balance in relationships by keeping intimacy in perspective.” Sex Respect, Student Workbook, p.6.

See here, now.


Wow. I must have been doing something wrong.

“A young man’s natural desire for sex is already strong due to testosterone... females are becoming culturally conditioned to fantasize about sex as well.” Sex Respect, Student Workbook, p. 6.

When men were "men" but women were... females. Just like on Animal Planet! Before the year 1900, women didn't think about sex at all, in any country! Damned if I know why any of us are here.

"Good writing tells you a lot about yourself. Bad writing tells you a lot about the author." - anon

“A woman is stimulated more by touch and romantic words. She is far more attracted by a man’s personality while a man is stimulated by sight. A man is usually less discriminating about those to whom he is physically attracted.” WAIT Training, Workshop Manual, p. 40.

::cough:: ::cough:: Long-term relationship? Oh, definately, personality. Quick fuck out back? Oh, you better bet he's hot and I haven't been giving much thought to what comes out of his mouth. In fact, in order for the fantasy to continue, he best not speak at all. It would ruin the illusion.

“What if a girl came to school in a crop top, just barely covering her bra, and shorts starting three inches below her naval? What ‘game’ would she be playing?” WAIT Training, Workshop Manual, p. 86.

The correct answer is D) The Please Come Rape Me! game.


I'm sorry, you chose A) It was 90 degrees outside, it was hot, and most of the boys got to run around on the football field without shirts on? Well, tough luck for you, you're wrong, wrong wrong. Women don't even perspire! Comfort! Freedom! ha.

“How can girls make guys feel esteemed and admired for choosing the wise course?” Facing Reality, Student Manual, p. 30.

Face Reality, Ladies. Sex is all about men. You shouldn't even *like* it. Get back in the kitchen.


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Anonymous said...

Fucktard says it best. That made me so angry - but so much does these days.

Thanks again for the well-expressed thoughts and your incisiveness. 

Posted by Beverly

Anonymous said...

Regarding the shorts issue- I can't fucking FIND shorts that come longer than 3 inches below my crotch in stores 99% of the time. I am not kidding. (Admittedly, I am longer-legged than I should be, but still...) I rarely wear shorts unless I made them myself or found some capris, because they are ALL made shortshort these days.  

Posted by Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Agreed on the inability to even find decent length shorts. I'm only about 5' 7"- average. It's nearly impossible to find shorts with anything longer than a 3 inch inseam. I HATE it. You think I enjoy pulling that inseam out of my ass every five minutes? Not at all. So I opt for skirts, which I cannot, of course, sit cross legged in, climb in, kick someone's ass in... Impossible. Grrr.

Good grief, that whole nonsense makes me nuts. I've always been far more sexually driven than any of my boyfriends, be they someone I was interested in for personality or someone I was interested in for looks. That may have been due to the mass quantities of sexual repression that went on in my household (I got in big trouble for my first kiss. It was closed lipped, with my boyfriend, and I was 13), or perhaps it was due to the 7 years of single sex education, or perhaps *gasp* I just happen to really like being physical. Irresponsible? Hell no. Very much horny all the time? Well of course. Deal with it people.  

Posted by Virginia