Thursday, January 13, 2005

Living Out of Hotels

Put in almost 2.5 miles on the treadmill, without really getting tired. And wow, do I feel a lot better. They've had shitty food in our warroom the last two days, and the Boys are living on brownies, and I haven't done any exercise beyond get out of my chair for two days. Endorphins are great.

It's so funny, how your body gets used to stuff. When I first started doing these jogging days, I felt like I was going to die after barely a mile.

My record is still only about 4.1 or 4.2 (at which point I thought I was gonna die), so I'd like to average out at 3, but in the hotel fitness room, somebody had put the TV on CNN, and you can only read so many transcripts of the Michael Jackson molestation case before you get nauseous.

There are some images that not even a loud CD player can drown out.

You know, the FCC fined Howard Stern and kicked him off the air for talking about adult sex acts occuring between and among consenting adults, but CNN is blaring out all the lurid details about a teenage boy having his genitals rubbed by Michael Jackson, without penalty. Cause it's, like "news" or something.

Yea. Right.

Yes, we need to cover "news" - like the outcome of his trial. We don't need to read a kid's statement about being molested on prime time. That's the jury's business.

You want to talk obscenity, FCC? This is it. Bunch of frickin' hypocrites.

Anyway, I'm off to shower and heading out to the Mexican place across the street for dinner. Then to bed, to bed. Or maybe play a round of Myst IV.

Anything but watch CNN.

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Anonymous said...

I've been lucky enough to be able to shut off the tv when I exercise at the gym, so I haven't seen the coverage--but isn't there an upside to such things? I mean, the whole issue of molestation is talked about in hushed tones and details aren't given, in part because people don't want to hear that stuff. They want to think of it as happening to other people...hearing some of the details could shed some light on things, let people ignore the problems less.

Of course it is in the name of sensationalism that CNN is doing it, but there can be some good coming out of it.  

Posted by jp

Anonymous said...

I know... how disgusting. We went out to eat last night and the place had a TV on (which I generally dislike, but we hadn't been there before so we didn't know,) and that was blaring all over the family restaurant!

(That was some digression I had there, eh? ;-)) 

Posted by Beverly