Friday, February 11, 2005

Chicago Morning

Spent the morning dancing around to Greenday's "Holiday." Called into work and got in quite late, as I didn't get home last night until 10pm, so I have no guilt. Nobody's around anyway.

We had a furious last minute back-and-forth about the New York trip yesterday; "we" being me, Sarah, Yellow, CP (one of the corp folks who flew to Indy for the meeting), Mosh, and some others. There was talk that we'd start Indy work Monday morning, in which case Sarah and especially Yellow wanted me to stay in Chicago. Mosh deliberated about whether or not he really needed me in New York, and I told CP my tickets were bought and paid for, told Sarah I already had dinner plans. Insisted again in the meeting that really, I'm not doing anything in the Chicago office, and could be better utlized in New York while they set up their office there. After the Indy meeting, Yellow called Blaine and let him know no work was going to start on Indy for at least two weeks.

Yellow would still rather I'd stay in Chicago next week, but I've been pushing. "I'm not doing anything, no reason I shouldn't go help out there," and "I have plans already. Booked. Paid for."

Got into work this morning and immediately checked my company e-mail.

Nothing from the Boys. No last-minute cancellations. Sarah's booked all her New York flights as of this morning.

I'm booked. Unless I get something last-minute today, I'm on.

Point for being a pushy bitch.

I love my job.

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