Monday, February 07, 2005

Gotta Love Those Obsolete Feminists

You know, it's not funny. I mean, if it was funny, that would be something. But it's not funny.

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Anonymous said...

How would you know? Haven't you heard? Women aren't funny! Feminist women especially aren't funny! Jerks.  

Posted by Roxanne

Anonymous said...

Check out today's Mallard Fillmore for yet another thing to make your head explode. This comic strip is easily the most fowl thing in any paper. It's never funny, and the politics are insane. In St. Louis, they put this strip right next to Doonesbury, as if there is some sort of balancing act occurring. As a result, I read it everyday, and either groan or shriek, depending on how disgusting it is.  

Posted by Steve Pick

Anonymous said...

They do the same "balancing act" in my local paper. Never mind that Trudeau is intelligent AND funny, even if he is political, while the guy who draws Mallard is just some partisan windbag.
I've noticed that the right wing likes to bleat about how feminists are obsolete--haven't you heard? Women have accomplished equality already! I recently read some trash that claimed that feminists had nothing to do with the "liberation of women." Nope, for that we can thank the pill, the dishwasher, and the power of the free market.
To swipe a word from Kameron, fucktards. 

Posted by Jenn

Anonymous said...

Oh, and incidently, the dishwasher and the free market seem to be doing pretty well on their own, so we might just take back the pill... 

Posted by Patrick

Anonymous said...

Mallard is a very fine example of right wing extremism that appears in everyday life that goes often unmentioned in polite company. It's racist, sexist, gay bashing fulminations will have to suffice until he starts on his next round of baitng the poor or elderly. It really is bar none one of the most intentionally hatefully vicious politically minded 'cartoon' on the right. It has been so for many years. He now has many cute younger copy cat catoonists that are in syndication expressly to provide such 'balance' to Doonesbury. None of them are even remotely funny, but they provide some valuable articulation with the ultimate goals of the anti-women right wing.

Dave Neiwert has been following the exploits of Mallard for years, unfortunately Dave does not have a 'search' box on his site, but you could do a google on it if you were diligent enough. []

Yes, Dave is a bright boy, he's written at least one book on the far right and militias, he's quite serious and tends to be a bit wordy in his posts. But it's all there mind you. 

Posted by VJ