Thursday, February 10, 2005

Indy Today

Why the crossroads of America?

Because, if you know any better, you'll cross through it without stopping.

Will be quiet today as we head down for a kick-off meeting in Indy, so every time you click over and see this post, you can think of me traveling through the scenic red state of Indiana with Yellow and Sarah while Yellow sings his own rendition of, "Ice, Ice, Baby," and Kameron-baits me with questions like, "So Kameron, what do you think of that book, `What Would Jesus Eat?'" and "I really like soy milk. What do you think of soy milk, Kameron?" and "Why won't you eat this cookie? There's nothing wrong with it. These are really good. You're so complex, Kameron."

"No, Yellow, you're just very simple."

::watch Yellow's *entire face turn red*:::

Oh, yea, that was a great day.

Anyhow, that's pretty much what my day's going to amount to. It's good because we're meeting up with Pete and Bettie, who we shindigged with last summer, and who I enjoy working with very much. They're really good people.

Should be a fun project.

3 comments so far. What are your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Not all of us in this unfortunately red state are all bad :-) You could always drive to the center of the crossroads state and visit!! :-) 

Posted by dr. b.

Anonymous said...

Next time you come thisaway, let us know. Dr. B and I live in the same town and would love a visit! 

Posted by Lauren

Anonymous said...

No shit? Damn. We do a lot of work in Indy, actually. Next time they set me up there for the night, I'll definately give you two a heads' up.... 

Posted by Kameron Hurley