Thursday, February 03, 2005


I think I'm just awestruck.

I've spent the last six months trying to figure out what the hell I was doing wrong, why I couldn't do the amount of workouts that I wanted, why my energy was so low, and I was getting increasingly twitchy.

Gosh, could it be because I was in famine-mode, and exhibiting that classic freak-out behavior found in that study about men put on 1500-1800 calorie diets?

Came home, hopping around, thinking, "Jogging! Jogging! Jogging is great! It's *only* three miles! I get to listen to Everclear! Yay!"

And did my three miles pretty easily, and started pushing my pacing. I'd like to stay at three miles for awhile, and just increase the pace as I increase my strength and endurance. I have tomorrow off, then my MA class on Saturday, and I'll have completed my first ideal workout week.

Fricking amazing.

I've also been on a real Everclear kick, the same six songs or so from Sparkle & Fade, and I'm not sure what that's about. Everclear is very much a small town highschool memory sort of band for me. I mean, Everclear: encouraging kids to get out of shitty towns, shitty relationships, and ditch their shitty record store jobs... for at least the last ten years...

Funny, how much driving energy I find in it.

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

When I first started running, I worried about finding the time to run. Now, I realize that no matter how far I run, I actually gain energy from it. I can't afford not to run -- I literally need LESS sleep if I am working out regularly, which is deeply odd.

Everclear, cool. 

Posted by Hugo