Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Bits (Stolen)

One in five teenage girls are hit by their boyfriends. More here. And 31% believed it was acceptable for a boy to act in an "aggressive" way if his girlfriend had cheated on him. My question is, did they ask men if they thought it was acceptable for their girlfiends to act "aggressive" if their boyfriends cheated on them? via Bird

And Jenn and I were just recently talking about the Pagan roots of Modern US holidays. via Feministe

Here's some kids' (well, eighth graders) takes on gender equality. What's interesting is how many times the issue of women's rights to equal participation in sports comes up as a major issue in developing gender equality.

First woman to row solo across the Pacific. Yea. That's right. Rowing. Across an ocean. For 72 days. Remember that there are still people out there who think that women have "biological problems staying in a ditch for 30 days..." but they can row across the Pacific Ocean. Biology didn't seem to get in the way of that, now, did it?

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Anonymous said...

About the ditches and infections.

I'm ex-military, and I used to have to listen to my AFA boys argue that women couldn't make it in trench warfare.

Later, I came across a study that showed that men missed more days of active duty service during Sandbox I than women did.

The top reasons for men missing time? 1) Insubordination, 2) Injuries due to banned unsafe activities, i.e. racing humvees on the dunes.

The top reason for women missing time? 1) Pregnancy and other legitimate medical conditions/statuses/injuries, etc.

So even though we get knocked up, we still show up more then men, who don't.

Oh, and this is a particularly good article about women in combat and how femaleness does not affect unit cohesion, in case anyone ever tries to tell you women aren't suited.


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