Wednesday, April 13, 2005

All Your Base Are Belong To Us!

“At Last, You Could Become America's Next Best Selling Author and Reality Show TV Celebrity!”

You know, when we were at Clarion, the idea of a "Clarion Reality TV" series came up - for about three seconds.

SF writers - in fact, writers in general - are not the world's most beautiful people. We're just not. You'd have to fall in love with us the way you fall in love with the characters on Carnivale. We're not plastic people. Our sex is very messy; especially the sort that goes on at Clarions.

And, you know, writers write. We spend most of our time actually hunched in front of keyboards, screaming, "Fucktard!" or laughing maniacally every few hours.

That's about it. Nick's rant about the glam writer's lifestyle, here.

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