Thursday, April 14, 2005


Gov. Janet Napolitano on Wednesday vetoed a bill to let pharmacists refuse to provide abortion-related medications if doing so conflicts with the pharmacists' moral or religious beliefs.


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Anonymous said...

I hate Arizona.
Lived there on and off, mostly on since 1976. They call it the 'right to work state' and I call it the 'right to starve state'. The same work I did for twelve dollars an hour in San Fran got me eight, tops, in Flagstaff.
So I just got rid of all my stuff and became a cowboi for a few years then migrated to Alaska. Wages here are great. And there's the sea. Arizona has such a lack of water.
I don't know why anyone lives there. Flagstaff is ok but phoenix needs to shrivel up and die.... 

Posted by wheeldog