Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Wikipedia – first with the news

Cool note on how Wikipedia and feminist blog rings were the first to report on Andrea Dworkin's death. Those pesky internets: moving far faster than the media at large.

It's like a giant game of telephone.

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Anonymous said...

They may be first with the news, but the downside of Wikipedia is that it can also be slanted in its entries. I recently consulted it for a summary of the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill case, and the entry for Clarence Thomas appears biased to me. I then noticed (either at the bottom of the page or to the side) a link to other readers' complaints about how the Clarence Thomas entry was written. I guess it's good they archive complaints when people feel an entry is slanted, but why couldn't they just re-write the original entry, in light of the complaints?

Still, Wikipedia reporting on Andrea Dworkin's death promptly is obviously admirable. 

Posted by Sour Duck