Friday, May 06, 2005

Friday Beer Blogging

Beer is great!
It is quite tasty!

Beer is great!
Even when it's late!

Oh yes, oh my!
Beer is so great~!

Oh, Friday, how I love you!!

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Anonymous said...

Cheers! That's the best thing I've heard all day.... And you've got a great blog here too by the way. 

Posted by Ryan

Anonymous said...

Or as my good pal Eustace used to sing (to the tune of "Doe, a Deer" from "Sound of Music"):

Doe, a beer, a female beer
Ray, a drop of golden beer
Me, the name of who likes beer
Fa, long way to go for beer
So, let's have another beer
La, I sing when I drink beer
Tea, it's not as good as beer
That will bring us back to beer, beer, beer, beer...

(Repeat until they throw you out of the bar) 

Posted by deja pseu

Anonymous said...

i'm only now getting a chance to read your posting on BC. I am sooo tired of mine its unbelivable. it was just a few days ago that i told him, we better talk about alternatives of something else because this time around, my body has simply gone haywire. weight gain. tears..alot of tears.. nah..thanks!

Posted by madame butterfly