Monday, May 09, 2005

Office Shinanigans

We have a new coffee maker in the office. Just got it hooked up.

You should see the stir it's making. Oh, what dull workday lives we have!

The cappucino is apparently pretty good... I better go make sure.

Workaday, workadoo.

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Anonymous said...

WTF '04? 

Posted by David

Anonymous said...


You rock, sister! This is the direction I wanted to see when I was first exposed to feminism. You have to be tough as fucking nails, because resistance to change is stronger than any other cultural force, save revolution. And genuine change requires not only tough, stubborn people who can compromise on the things that don't matter and won't budge on the things that do, but also CHARISMATIC leaders. You make me proud to be a member of this species.

Thank you,

Posted by Josh