Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Shit I Could Never Do

Be an IT support person. You get the same lameass questions from lameass people who don't read the fucking access directions before they fucking call you.

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Anonymous said...

IT folk have figured out all kinds of polite ways to say impolite things, although I can't think of any at the moment (of course)...my favorite two questions, though, are, "I moved my mouse all the way over to the side of the mousepad and the thing on my screen isn't where it needs to be. I think I broke my computer and I am not going to do anything until someone calls me back." and "Where is the any key?" which was actually asked in one of my classes.

Sigh. I periodically say that people should really RTFM before I realize what I have said. They ask what it means, I say "read the manual" and walk away, and they get a very puzzled look. That's only on bad days, though.  

Posted by Wendryn

Anonymous said...

Heh... I work in technical support for a software company. It's not always easy work, and can be downright awful sometimes, but I like it for some reason! (Glutton for punishment?)

I guess it's the fact that even with the same problems to resolve, no two calls are alike, plus I enjoy the challenge of problem solving, not to mention the appreciation you get when the customer is happy at the end of the call. Because they always call when they have a deadline looming and have just now decided to try out the software for the first time and haven't bothered to read any of the documentation! *sigh*


Posted by ktpupp

Anonymous said...

These guys just bug me. I used to work at a call center for an electronics company, which *was* very nice when you could help someone, especially around the holidays, but dealing with the same person all day who doesn't read the instructions I've sent out three times... gblah. 

Posted by Kameron Hurley

Anonymous said...

My husband used to work for the Avalon Hill game company before we moved to Massachusetts. The two tech support guys used to throw things in their office when they got off the phone with stupid people who asked stupid questions. These two guys had a lot of patience while on the phone, but they blew their corks when they hung up. They had all kinds of bizarre stories to tell. The employeed nicknamed them "Beavis and Butthead." That was appropriate. 

Posted by Trish Wilson

Anonymous said...


yeah, i work in it, and i am now, finally, a server admin, so i no longer take direct support calls from users. but when i was doing first level helpdesk i frequently referred to my job as reading the manuals to users over the phone. 

Posted by betsy

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