Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Update.... Uterus!!

For those uninterested in their uteruses, or those of their spouses, significiant others, sisters, and other loved ones, you can totally skip this. It's about uteruses, afterall. I mean, sure, they're attached to women, but... oh, that's not important!

Anyway, IUD update for anybody interested or considering doing the same thing: still getting some twinges of pain when I sit up for long periods (like, say, at work), so my midday walk and getting up and walking around the office are great for helping me feel better. And, again, it's not any kind of pain that's not manageable with Tylenol, so all is well. I wore some looser pants, and I'm trying to work out a better way to sit here at work for at least the next couple days, until my body adjusts.

The bleeding/iodine discharge has pretty much abated, and I'm just getting a little residual iodine smearing, nothing that noticable.

I expect I'll still be popping Tylenol, especially later in the day, when all the sitting gets to me, and I'll probably still take a Tylenol PM or two at night, but... so far, so good. Things are progressing the way I was told they would, which is always a great feeling.

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to send my boyfriend a thank you note for getting snipped. Jeez. I hope everything works out okay. 

Posted by Amanda

Anonymous said...

Hope you're doing better soon K. For your edification and delight I present the 4 Biggest lies in the English Language:

1.) Painless Dentistry

2.) 'We're from the government and we're here to help you'.

3.) Sure, I'll respect you in the morning!

4.) And The famous 'This won't hurt a bit/much/much past Tues...'

As an adult you quickly become familiar with them all.  

Posted by VJ