Monday, June 20, 2005

The Brutal Woman Store

So, I really wanted a T-shirt that said "Fucktards" on it.

And I got a little carried away... come join the fun.

Any requests?

3 comments so far. What are your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Suggestions? Could you possibly get CafePress to include a transcript of what the shirt says, in print, in the discription? Or else make the larger views of the shirts a bit larger, so that the everything smaller than "fucktards" can be read rather than painstakingly deciphered?

I have a small moniter and am currently suffering from eyestrain, so I have yet to figure out what the shirt with the longest phrase on it says.

How about something like "I am a woman. This means I am a person, not an inanimate object, an idiot, an incubator, a dishwasher, or a punching bag." 

Posted by Kyra

Anonymous said...

Cool. Thanks much... Will remedy.... 

Posted by Kameron Hurley

Anonymous said...

Also, I've discovered that you can double-zoom on the images. So if you click "larger image" at the bottom of the t-shirt product screen, and then once you get a larger image, click "zoom" at the bottom of that screen, it'll give you a readable view of the quotes.  

Posted by Kameron Hurley