Friday, June 03, 2005

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Oh, god, this is the most boring chapter ever.

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Anonymous said...

When in doubt, have ninjae attack.

"Anyway, the line of succession can be disrupted by a quorum of elders, although this is usually only done in events of war or economic failure. I'm sure you remember the D'aerith's Castration of 1678?" Errivan the Infodumper added.

Rhhrm was about to reply, when suddenly, a crapload of ninjae leapt from the shadows!!!!!11

"Holy feminist iconography on a stick!" Rhhrm shouted. "Ninjae! Get 'em!"

(Then you have a bigass fight scene. And you can either continue the infodump afterward, or, if you really want to be clever, work it into the fight itself!)

"Notice how the ninjae dodge my attacks," Errivan the Infodumper observed while shattering a ninja's kneecap with a quick jab of his d'loghi-staff, "much like the Elderim dodged economic ruin by ruling that D'aerith, by virtue of being unable to father a child, could not be the true Lawspeaker, and thus promoted D'aerith's cousin, who had a greater willingness to agree to the Elderim's economic proposals."

"Can we talk about this later?" Rhhrm asked, parrying one of the ninjae's blows and running him through with crisp efficiency.

(See how that was worked in? SEAMLESS, I tell you.)  

Posted by Patrick

Anonymous said...

Fucking hiliarious.

The sad part is, I've already over-utlized the ninjae in chapter 30, though I've not yet made good use of the Fighting Infodumper.

Look at all the fantastic genre tricks I still have to learn!


Posted by Kameron Hurley