Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Dressing Down: Worklife

It's going to be 94 degrees today here in Chicago, and muggy. I wandered in from the train station to work (about a 12 minute walk) wearing a tank top with my linen pants, and some sensible hiking sandals. A guy on a bike, wearing shorts, tank top, and do-rag, whizzed by me. He hopped off his bike and went into the office ahead of me.

Once inside, I pulled on a "nice" black shirt over the tank top to give the illusion of some semblance of corporate attire. I bumped into G, one of the temps, wearing khaki pants and long-sleeved gray shirt, and realized he'd been the guy on the bike with the do-rag.

Oh, how we love dressing in drag for corporate America, when we'd rather be in shorts and/or sports bras.

I haven't had anything to do at work for at least a week. Blaine bumbled in this morning and asked me if I knew how to do a mail merge so I can work on his wedding invitations. For better or worse, I didn't know how to do a mail merge, and told him to ask Cyllia the secretary.

And so goes the only sort-of project I've been asked to do all week: my boss's wedding invitations.

Oh, what a life.

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Anonymous said...

Geez, time flies when you are desperately looking for any port in a storm. This bloke was safely single 2 months ago when we last heard from him, right? I hate it when I miss a gap in my stories!

No, I don't want the details, but was it animal, vegetable or mineral? What deluded lovely smelled the desperation clingling to his hopeless little soul and finally said, 'Yep, that's the one for me!' Or 'That's as close as it gets, let's go'...Or 'This is my children's future stepdad, my first husband, a decent mark...??? You just got to wonder, right? And doesn't anyone get proper invites Printed anymore?

Screw with his life and get his intended something from Emily Post's Wedding etiquette book series, ca. 1965-1975. Smile sweetly and say something like 'This is how it's done well!' Guaranteed to dirve them nuts for at least awhile. It would be like trying to resurrect & perform some foreign South Seas rituals that had been lost over the centuries...  

Posted by VJ

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think you're confusing him with Yellow... Blaine's been engaged since February.


Posted by Kameron Hurley

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, and now you know why everyone can't follow those marvelous 19th cent. Russian novelists into their thickets of lives.


Posted by VJ