Sunday, June 26, 2005

Editor's Note

I prefer House of Flying Daggers to Hero.

Of course, knowing my subject interest, this isn't really surprising...

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Anonymous said...

Hero was such a let down!

I loved the imagined fight in the chess house in the rain while the blind guy strummed in the background, that was awesome. Then the movie went to hell with endless subplots about watching Broken Sword getting killed over and over again, bleh.

(By the way, I recommend Zhang Yimou's earlier movies, particularly The Road Home and Not One Less. No kungfu, but beautiful simple images and very moving, plus they actually have PLOT :) 

Posted by Michael

Anonymous said...

Y'know, Kam, that doesn't surprise me at all.

As I don't have a historical fixation on the end of the Tang Dynasty, however, and since Qin Shi Huangdi and the whole legalism/tyranny thing plays to a lot of my atavistic reptile-brain fixations, I like Hero a lot more. But I'd never get on your case for liking something that plays to your interests more than something that plays to mine. Different folks for different folks and all that.

(I also think that knowing what "Tian Xia" means in Mandarin makes Hero a substantially better movie, as 'all under heaven' or 'everything beneath the heavens' sure as hell doesn't mean 'Our Land'. But anyway...) 

Posted by Alec Austin

Anonymous said...

That was supposed to be "different strokes for different folks". Not that you couldn't figure it out by context... 

Posted by Alec Austin