Thursday, July 21, 2005

Am I Fat Or Sexy? (Implying One Can't Be Both?)

Interesting experiment by Marie Claire magazine:

We photographed a gorgeous, size-14 model in a neutral pose and made the unretouched photos into two mobile billboards. Then we gave each billboard a vastly different message: one confident ("I think I'm sexy. Do you?"), one unsure ("I think I'm fat. Do you?"). We asked everyone who saw these billboards to visit and tell us what they thought. Here's how 4,000 people reacted.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting, indeed.

I've recently put on a lot of weight...weight that I have previously taken off...twice. This time, tho', I'm finding I feel (strangely) sexier and more womanly than I ever did before at size 14/16.

It's strange, and I'm not yet sure what to make of it. I don't feel it every day. But, when I do, it's a feeling that says,

"LOOK AT MY CURVES! I feel like a woman."

The highs, as I said, aren't as frequent as I might like...but I appreciate them. I just wish the rest of my psyche would get with the program. Earlier this week, I actually had to tell myself OUT LOUD (because I was fearing a necessary dr's appt. and feeling ashamed of my weight):

"I deserve good health care no matter what size I am."

It was my mantra.

Anyway, love the blog. I'm here every few days, just to see what's what.


Posted by Summer