Monday, July 11, 2005

Book Launch: Bodies in Motion

My local writing colleague, Mary Anne Mohanraj, has a bunch of book-related events going on here in Chicago, including a reading at Women & Children First Bookstore, which, as I learned today, has been having a shitty sales summer now that the local Borders has opened up.

Swing by and show some support for Mary Anne's excellent story collection and the coolness that is Women & Children First.

Sweet cover, eh?

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Anonymous said...

Way hot! 

Posted by David

Anonymous said...

Is Mary Anne back in Chicago? I thought she'd decamped for California years ago? 

Posted by David Parsons

Anonymous said...

Naw, she's living in Chicago, with occasional sidetrips out to CA to visit her other sweetie and such. She's been here about as long as I have now - 2 years or so.  

Posted by Kameron Hurley