Friday, July 08, 2005

Looking For Heroines

Well, I think she picked a pretty shitty lot.

But yea, shiiiiiit. We need better scripts. Something Michelle Rodriguez could be in.... yea....

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Anonymous said...

The only HALFWAY decent female film superhero I've seen is Uma Thurman's character in Kill Bill. I didn't think I even wanted to see that film (based on what I'd heard - violent, senseless, bladebla) but A. liked it and bought it, and I watched it cos it was there.

Day-um. She fights, she kicks ass, she bleeds and snots and gets grotty, completely without any mention ever of how she's a girl and shouldn't do that. And barely any mention of her female hotness, period. She does what she does, and people fear her.

Mind you, I could've lived without the overarching idea of Bill and his killer harem, and of her doing the lot for the sake of her baaayyybeeee (eyeroll) but other than that, definitely the only time I've seen a powerful woman hero take the screen on her own terms, and without a man to save her if necessary. 

Posted by Katharine

Anonymous said...

I dream of the day when they turn Alan Moore's Promethea  comics into a decent film. A Latina superheroine who turns into the mythical Amazon Promethea through the power of words and imagination. Not to mention her mentors, the previous Promethea incarnations, which include another Latina woman and a gay man named Bob (always seen in his female Promethea form). It's fucking kick ass (except for the Tragic Evil Dead Lesbian Subplot, which really ticked me off). Definitely worth checking out.  

Posted by Andygrrl

Anonymous said...

The writer of that article seems to forget that Batman has exactly the same kind of miserablist, self-imposed solitude issues as those females 'heroes' she complains about. Peter Parker may get a relationship, but you know it's always got to be on the brink of collapse and Superman can only get the girl when he's wearing his underwear on the outside. Superheroes kick ass and have shitty home lives, male or female, that's the way it goes. They're more 'dramatic' that way. 

Posted by Vincent

Anonymous said...

Vincent, exactly.

Jenn pointed this out to me after I posted it. The woman who ranted about the heroines likely wasn't all that familiar with superheroes in general. If you look at the tropes surrounding male superheroes, it's clear that female superheroes take on many of those traits by sheer virtue of being superheroes (even Buffy couldn't keep a relationship together: she was busy saving the world, and really, in the grand scheme ofthings, what's more important?).

And, honestly, Halle Berry's *Catwoman*? Why the hell did she choose such a shitty lot of movies?  

Posted by Kameron Hurley

Anonymous said...

Hun... It all depends on your output of testosterone- how beautiful or mean you really are. Sweetness is in papaya and pineapple. 

Posted by Joey