Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Honey, You Came Too Soon

Wow. Pfizer, maker of the Viagra, has patented a pill for "premature climax." No, no, not for men -

For women.

Has anybody ever had a "problem" with this? I mean, come once, you can just come again, you know? The "recovery" period for most women really isn't that long. And what's wrong with having sex *after* you come? I mean, a proper weekend sexfest would involve lots of sexual expression and perhaps two or three or four orgasms.

The company believes that women and men do not complain about the sexual dysfunction because, "male partners often choose to take rapid orgasm as positive feedback on their skill as a lover".

And I choose to take rapid orgasm as a great stepping-off point to having another one real soon.

I'm always curious as to who decides whose orgasm (male or female) is "too quick." Isn't that more an issue of partners' preferences and not the medical establishment?

(via feministing)

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Anonymous said...

Is it just me or isn't fucking actually nicer *after* you've come?

Seems to me these guys are once again taking male-specific behaviours as universals, and making asses of themselves in the process. One has to wonder if they even, y'know, TALKED to any women about this supposed "problem". 

Posted by Crys T

Anonymous said...

And clitoral orgasms? Totally inferior when compared to vaginal ones! Get with the program! Female sexual response has to be exactly like men's in order to be normal!


Posted by Natalie

Anonymous said...

Dude, I'm a guy, and even I think that's idiotic.

Hell, even if you're an unenlightened guy, you judge your self worth by how many times you get your woman to orgasm. I can't imagine any group of idiot guys in a bar going, "Man, the problem with sex with my woman is that she has too many orgasms!" That's just... I don't know who came up with that idea, but that's up there among the stupidest ideas ever. 

Posted by Patrick

Anonymous said...

Jesus F. Kerist! How damn stupid can you get? There's just too many damn jokes here to work with, but they KNOW this. There's Plenty of research & experience showing that women can not only squeeze them off in very rapid sucession, but that this is not all that uncommon or hard to achieve. Why on earth would you want a pill to Ruin this perfectly beautiful thing? Wait, I forgot, this is the crowing glory of Bush science. I'm waiting for FGM to be sold next as the fashion wave for the married celibates. 'But Honey your stockings will fit better!' or some such nonsense.

Yeah, this is the coming new wave of Bush 'Science'; we invent stuff not to 'cure you' or actually 'help you' but to control all your icky un- patriotic 'urges'. M. Attwood saw it coming too.

Just damn disgusting actually! 'VJ' 

Posted by VJ

Anonymous said...

Goodness knows I don't want my orgasm to come to quickly.

If we postpone it long enough maybe I can skip it all together.

Enough of that crap sometimes you just have to wonder...


Posted by Heathen

Anonymous said...

Ok, that's just...weird. I have this "problem" (i.e. it only takes a minute or two, sometimes less, unless we're intentionally drawing it out)...but they happen so often in succession that it doesn't have any impact other than making things more fun!

I wouldn't give up my "problem" for anything. 

Posted by Molly Blythe