Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Next One's Out in November

More head-rolling shall ensue, I'm sure.

(thanks, Eli!)

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Anonymous said...

And apparently  half of the characters will not be in this book, but in the next one (which is sort of a second half of Feast for Crows). I guess the people who spent all this time waiting to find out what happens to their favourite characters and then find out they're not even in this book  will be about as happy as those whose favourites are killed off... 

Posted by Darjeeling

Anonymous said...

I think we should have all learned our lessons by now. If you like a character they will either be killed or at least maimed. My new goal is to like Cersei as much as possible, Oh yeah I'm gonna like her more than I liked Eddard. Maybe he'll pour a crown on her head too then. 

Posted by Eli

Anonymous said...

If he kills Arya, I'm so not reading any more books.

I will go on strike. 

Posted by Kameron Hurley