Monday, August 15, 2005

There's A "Diet" for Everybody

The McDonald's Diet: health = thinness.

Because at no point in this article to they say her resting heart rate and cholesterol have decreased, at no point does she say she took up exercising, and at no point does anyone with a medical degree say she's lowered her risk of cardiovascular disease by "losing" thirty pounds.

Because it's not about health:

"It feels great," she said. "Because, the truth of the matter is that beauty is power, and if you're fat, or your overweight, then people don't really take you seriously."

At least she's honest.

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Anonymous said...

This stuff cracks me up. I thought the point of the original documentary was that McD's encourages people to NOT make good choices -- that's why he decided to eat at least one of everything on the menu. Of *course* one could lose weight eating only at McD's. One could order only bottled water, for pete's sake. (This is aside from your good point that losing weight = healthier. Dysentry causes you to lose weight, too.) 

Posted by jpjeffrey

Anonymous said...

This disturbs me on some deep down level. I especially love her comment about proving a point to the "little fat people". Charming. 

Posted by Nemohee

Anonymous said...

"Because, the truth of the matter is that beauty is power, and if you're fat, or your overweight, then people don't really take you seriously." 

That's weird. I thought the usual line was, "If you're beautiful people don't take you seriously." This game is set up so you can't win. 

Posted by Sour Duck

Anonymous said...

Someone in that article claimed to have dropped thirty pounds - with a starting weight of 179 - eating 2000 Calories a day of McDonald's food. In 90 days. To which I can only say...

Pull the other one! Unless that person was doing some serious weight training, it just isn't going to happen. 

Posted by Jillian

Anonymous said...

Actually it's not as hard as you think to make Mcd's healthy. Start by eating the grilled chicken minus bun or anything else it comes with. Supplement with salads and no dressing. Most McD's offer poweraide now, I know I've enjoyed a few from there on particularly warm days. Some of the egg products are actually real egg and you can get them without yolk if you wish. So yes it's possible for McD's to create a spin where they appear healthy, the choices are limited and you must alter all the basic choices presented but health is a possible. I worked there for a few years and after the initial gorging figured out ways to eat decently for free myself. 

Posted by Eli