Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I Sure Do Feel That in My Ass

Totally revamped my morning weights routine, which had gotten stale and boring and wasn't doing much for me anyway. Now it's back to kicking my ass, literally.

I've added front squats and deadlifts, and ohhhhh does my ass notice.

Keep in mind that I've only got 20 lb and 30 lb weights at home, so it'll be sometime before I deadlift 100 lbs at home, as I need to work up to 50 lb free weights. Right now I'm just happy I can do one set of eight squats.

Don't push me just yet.

My ass is already upset with me.

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Anonymous said...

But you'll be so impressed by how your ass responds! 

Posted by Khandi

Anonymous said...

I better have an ass of steel in 6 months, goddammit, and it best be useful for things like shoving people out of the way in the grocery line. 

Posted by Kameron Hurley