Friday, October 07, 2005

She Makes a Wonderful Sweet Potato Pie

Hitting the Media's Glass Ceiling

Harriet Miers may have broken through glass ceilings on her way to a Supreme Court nomination, but President Bush’s “work wife” has a long way to go with gender stereotyping in mainstream media coverage. Need proof? Compare news coverage in the days after her nomination with coverage this summer of the John Roberts nomination:

ROBERTS : “A career that had been marked by distinguished and relentless advancement.” (LA Times, 7/25/05)

MIERS: “She’s not somebody who is a gossip.” (AP, 10/4/05)

ROBERTS: “Brilliant but self-deprecating, earnest but not humorless.” (Boston Globe, 7/21/04)

MIERS: “She never misses a birthday.” (LA Times, 10/4/05)

ROBERTS: “Exceptional intellect. Exceptional temperament. A conservative judicial philosophy.” (LA Times, 7/25/05)

MIERS: “She makes a wonderful sweet potato pie. Many marshmallows.” (AP, 10/3/05)

ROBERTS: “Disciplined, self-assured and performance driven.” (Chicago Tribune, 7/24/05)

MIERS: “She would look at you blankly if you mentioned the name of a designer.” (Bloomberg, 10/4/05)

MIERS: “A pit bull in size 6 shoes.” (New York Times, 10/3/05)

ROBERTS: Sorry. No word on what size shoe John Roberts wears.

I just love our media.

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Mariana said...

When I first read that quote, I thought it meant "she is like  a wonderful sweet potato pie." as in she's sweet and flaky or something.

Thankfully, it does mean literally "she bakes a good pie", although it's still a nonsensical thing to say about someone who may be on the Supreme Court. 

Posted by Mariana

JP said...

on the other hand, what the hell does anyone know about her besides her pie'ing abilities? still, yeah, the remarks are extremely sexist in any context. 

Posted by JP

Kameron Hurley said...

Totally true, JP, but I'm wondering if, even if we'd gotten a qualified female candidate, if she'd be getting the "What's Hilary wearing today?" treatment as well.

I suspect she would be.  

Posted by Kameron Hurley

Alec Austin said...

Welcome to the culture of our modern news media.

Their output becomes more embarassing with each passing day... 

Posted by Alec Austin

jenniferinc said...

Sexist coverage? Absolutely. It's like the headlines when George Bush Sr. "collapsed," but Hillary Clinton "fainted." I hope that HuffPo or someone else picks up your piece...

In the meantime, I'm all for a Supreme Court justice with ovaries. However, I'd just as soon it wasn't one who told speechwriter David Frum that Bush was "the most brilliant man she'd ever met." 

Posted by Jennifer Warwick