Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Food for Thought

I've been having a lot of dreams about food. I don't feel like I'm depriving myself of anything. I think it's my body's craving for more protein. It's the morning weight routine that does it.

Having a tough time getting back to the gym after the Thanksgiving break. Isn't that always the way?

Sat down and consumed some beef on the way home and thought about how hard I work, every day, every damn meal, to not revert to bad habits. I can say, "This is fine, today. Tomorrow, it's not." And you've gotta be on yourself every day about it, because otherwise you'll revert back to type, default.

Sometimes I'm sad that my default isn't the best one for me.

What an easy life I'd lead!

How boring that would be.

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Rajan said...

I only made it back to the gym today, despite my plans to go the morning of Thanksgiving, the day after and all weekend. That sense of relaxation, the whole holiday thing, is hard to shake. At least for me.

Luckily my gym is in my building so I have less of an excuse to not go.  

Posted by Raj

La Gringa said...

Hey at least you're going to the gym. I was going pretty steadily until I moved in May, and blew my routine. I crave the weightlifting, and really need to get back into it.

But what helped me when I was doing weights in the morning was a regular breakfast routine: Before I left for the gym, I had a glass of skim milk, two glasses of water, a bowl of oat meal or whole grain cereal. About an hour AFTER the workout, I would eat two hardboiled eggs, a banana and eight ounces of orange juice. It I missed out on the food routine, I felt it. And the eggs gave me no cholesterol problems.


Posted by La Gringa

Unsane said...

Can't say I relate to that primal connection with food. It's probably just as easy to build your instrinsic connection with endorphins obtained at the gym -- however I have found that for true satisfaction these have to be aerobic endorphins. You need to get your heart rate up! Otherwise, you won't get the same "high" which is more satisfying than a heavy stomach. 

Posted by Jennifer Armstrong

jeff said...

I wonder if one can change one's default, though...seems that eventually you can modify things so much that your default is a healthier one. Do you think that after 10 more years of trying really hard to exercise right and eat better that your defaults will be to not exercise and to eat crap? I don't mean that rhetorically...just curious what you think 

Posted by jeffliveshere

That Girl said...

I used to smoke four packs a day. Although, unlike some of my ex-smoker friends, I do not crave cigarettes when I am around them (My SO smokes), when I am asleep sometimes I dream that I am smoking. So maybe it's more about dreaming of what used to comfort us. 

Posted by That Girl

Kameron Hurley said...

Jeff, I honestly don't know. I'd like to say that yes, it's possible to change those routine defaults that you aquired in childhood, to the point where regression is near impossible. I went two good years in Alaska living very well, but then I moved and moved again and again, got different jobs, etc. I think that if you're living in a relatively stable situation (not moving every 2 years) and have a stable routine, you may be able to make things work. Stress is the real trigger that seems to get people to go back to "bad" habits, though.

Or, as That Girl pointed out, dreaming of our old comforts. 

Posted by Kameron Hurley

Melly said...

I hope you don't mind random girl comments.

I think my default has changed. The food that used to comfort me now has no appeal whatsoever. I worked really hard at my eating habbits for years and it was still work. Then I did a cleanse with a naturopath (don't know what you call them there) and it's not work anymore. But adding more protein also helped a lot, especially when I'm training. 

Posted by Melly