Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Here's What's Happening

Despite appearances, I am still alive. Working a day job that suddenly has me, you know, working, which means little to no blogging. It'll be awhile before this lets up.

Finished wrapping all my Christmas presents today. It's the first year I can afford to get everybody presents, and it feels really good.

Sitting here drinking whiskey, listening to Edith Piaf, and working on The Book That Will Get done.

I've still got that Russ appreciation to write, two credit card payments to make, and a lot of books to read. Have finally made it back to the gym. I'm increasingly impressed with my arms. They are just buff. It's great.

Ah, my body project. Someday I will be uber-buff and scary. For now, I'll settle for strong.

Someday, I'll also be making my living entirely from writing.

Just you wait.

It's my New Year's resolution.

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That Girl said...

I totally believe in you! 

Posted by That Girl

Mariana said...

Hey, I've been reading your blog since the summer, and I guess I feel like I know you a little. That is, I thought you might like to read this Nobel speech by Harold Pinter: Art, Truth and Politics. I'm not going to hide it with a text link because that often gets refused by blogs.

It was this paragraph that made me think of you:

It's a strange moment, the moment of creating characters who up to that moment have had no existence. What follows is fitful, uncertain, even hallucinatory, although sometimes it can be an unstoppable avalanche. The author's position is an odd one. In a sense he is not welcomed by the characters. The characters resist him, they are not easy to live with, they are impossible to define. You certainly can't dictate to them. To a certain extent you play a never-ending game with them, cat and mouse, blind man's buff, hide and seek. But finally you find that you have people of flesh and blood on your hands, people with will and an individual sensibility of their own, made out of component parts you are unable to change, manipulate or distort.

Rajan said...


I just wanted to tell you that you inspired me to start going to the gym in the morning and I'm really enjoying it. Now the energy that I get from the whole thing gets me through the morning and I feel good all day.  

Posted by Raj

kate.d. said...

you're done wrapping your presents? for serious?? i'm not sure i've even made a holiday related purchase yet! and i fly home to massachusetts in 2 weeks...eek... 

Posted by kate.d.

Kameron Hurley said...

Raj, dude, that's awesome.

Yea, keeping up with the morning weight routine - and eating enough, which was a problem, before - has really super charged my mornings. Getting back to the gym is great for me as well. I have a really relaxing sort of gym, and we've got TVs on the bikes and elliptical trainers, which is a great way to trick myself into thinking I'm doing something really relaxing - watching TV. The goal is to get to a place where I find the working out in and of itself really relaxing, not just the high I have afterward.  

Posted by Kameron Hurley