Thursday, December 22, 2005

Modern Love

Thus Collins elegantly demonstrates the power of public perception in determining whether or not we manage to be happy in love. If, at the start of a century when women allegedly have it all, everyone is having the same arguments that were going round when women did not even have the vote, then progress is obviously not going to come from changing the law. We will have to change our minds instead.

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Unsane said...

That passage seems to confuse two issues: 1. That there are objective and concrete situations which can make humans objectively miserable -- a case in point is not having political power and therefore not having a great deal of control over one's life or the ability to be taken seriously. 2a. That some humans will be miserable no matter what and 2b. That a soft lifestyle can sometimes be harmful to us in terms of developing a sense of power and conquering disposition -- in other words, a subjective feeling of happiness. 

Posted by Jennifer