Friday, January 27, 2006

I Reserve Comment

SKATER girl Avril Lavigne wants to get rid of her trademark men's shirts and ties and become a fashion model.

What, was she getting hit on by too many women? I'd consider that a compliment!

I sometimes distrust it when women make the decision to "give up" on being "boyish," or wearing comfortable clothes. I agree that feminism is all about choice, and if she wants to wear make-up and run around in tight clothes, that's cool. I just question the reason why she's decided to run this flip so suddenly.

(thanks, b)

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drumgurl said...

Actual quote from Lavinge: "I'm getting into hair and make-up and image. That's the best part of being a girl."

Really? That's the best part? I wear a little make-up, but I certainly don't think that's the best part of being a *woman*. 

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