Monday, January 09, 2006

It Gets Better & Better

HONOLULU -- A state lawmaker has suggested Hawaii's public schoolteachers be forced to weigh in as part of the fight against obesity in students, KITV in Honolulu reported.

Because teaching kids it's OK to discriminate is cool.

This gets into all those tricky arguments about who decides what "fat" is, and what about medical conditions and... and... oh, forget it! Just oust the fatties.

Note that they're not advocating testing cholesterol levels or resting heart rates. It's never really about health. It's about all that nasty, disgusting fat.

Next up: plastic surgery for teachers who don't appeal to Aryan beauty standards!

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Alec Austin said...

I'm not going to endorse schoolteachers singling out students for discrimination, but Hawaii really does have one of the more effed-up food cultures in the US. (And I should know; I grew up there.)

In addition to the joys of fast food, Hawaii also consumes an incredible amount of Spam, both straight and in the form of the Spam Musubi (basically Spam sushi). "Local Food" includes such delights as spaghetti covered in chili instead of tomato sauce, and the Loco Moco, which is rice with a hamburger patty, two fried eggs, and maybe some Portugese sausage, all drenched in gravy.

All of this stuff tastes really good. But it also happens to be incredibly bad for you. 

Posted by Alec Austin

gheathen said...

It would be one thing if they were discussing healthy food choices though, Alec, it's another to simply choose a visible group, proclaim them to be "bad" and deny them basic human rights. You cannot determine overall health by body weight, nor should health be a requirement for keeping a job that does not otherwise require such fitness.

Alec Austin said...

Please read my first sentence again. I don't think this is a good idea.

Hawaii has a problem with what people there eat (hell, the whole US has a problem with what we eat) but this isn't the way to address it. 

Posted by Alec Austin