Monday, January 30, 2006

Target Pharmacist Fired For Not Doing Job

Imagine being fired for not doing your job!

It only took them five years!

Tomorrow morning, I'm telling my boss I can't use computer equipment because of my personal aversion to things that use electricty. Let's see how many years I can keep the paychecks coming.

My favorite part of the article?

Target declined to provide comment Thursday. But Williams emphasized that she was blaming Planned Parenthood — not Target — for her predicament. She cites Planned Parenthood’s heightened national campaign to persuade major pharmacy chains such as Target to agree to fill emergency contraception.

Those fucking baby killers and their "educational" campaigns! The nation shouldn't be "educated"! Then people who don't do their jobs might be fired!

Oh, the insanity!

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Laurelin said...

It's almost like she's being told that if she can't do her fucking job she should find one she can do! What a world we're in where we expect people to fulfil the responsibilities we're paid to fulfil! 

Posted by Laurelin

Laurelin said...

'they're' paid to fulfil I mean... it's early over here

comment typoes are a pain in the butt

Anonymous said...

It's about time that people started paying attention to this issue--this Rx has been available for over a decade and yet there are many pharmacists who refuse it. A friend of mine is in Pharmacey school (pharmacology?) and she said that the national chain for which she interns does not have a "company policy" because they don't feel they can make that choice for their employees--so, on any given day, it just depends on who you hand your Rx to, whether or not it will get filled. And, if they refuse to fill it, they have no obligation to tell you where/who can fill it for you. Isn't that just a big crock of sh*t?