Sunday, March 12, 2006

Picking it Up

It's planting season. It was 66 degrees last night, and let me tell you - I'm ready for spring.

Spending the morning cleaning up the back porch area, getting the bins ready for planting basil and parsley, morning glories and peas.

Have about 90 pages of line edits left on God's War. Edits for The Dragon's Wall continue apace. Writing up a crit of a buddy's novel.

Reading a lot, looking forward to Wiscon.

Had a bunch of dreams about food. Thought that was odd because I've been doing my usual eating-when-hungry deal. Then I remembered I've been eating crap all week. I've been depressed, struggling with ending a relationship, and so ate take-out every night. Got back to eating better, and the food dreams abated.

Went out to a really good Italian place with Jenn last night, watched some movies. Bought 35 books from Ah, retail therapy. Will probably go hit Borders today, too.

Rambling, rambling. Had an omelette this morning. Finished reading a book about food obsession. I used to think that being a binge eater was something you just "were", like being an alcoholic, but I haven't binged in.. a long, long time. I'm starting to think it's something you work through and get over. My next goal is to learn how to deal with money. That'll be easier when I engage in less retail therapy.

My life, though, feels freer. The world opens up.

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VJ said...

Sorry to hear about the all the strum & drang Kameron. Learning how to deal with money is a bit easier actually. It might be a life long learning process, but strangely enough, perhaps more is known about the parameters here than the human relationships side. I guess that's because most people admit to being way more serious about their money. It focuses the mind. Good luck on the writing & editing. Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

La Gringa said...

Hey, what's going on? Everything ok? Need to talk? If so, shoot me an email.

Kameron Hurley said...

Eh, it's nothing a little chocolate and yoga won't cure.

jeff said...

I like the idea that 'binge' eating is something one can work through and move beyond...