Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Blessing: I'm Bored At Work

List ten favorite novelists:

1) Mary Renault
2) Angela Carter
3) Joanna Russ
4) Ernest Hemingway
5) Rupert Thomson
6) Honore De Balzac
7) Isabel Allende
8) Jacqueline Carey (I forgive her for Banewrecker)
9) Gene Wolfe
10) George R.R. Martin

List ten favorite nonfiction authors:

1) Jared Diamond
2) Barbara Ehrenreich
3) Naomi Wolfe
4) Elaine Scarry
5) Thomas W. Laqueur
6) Joseph Campbell
7) Louise White
8) Antjie Krog
9) Cynthia Enloe
10) Michel Foucault

List ten favorite poets:

1) Sharon Olds
2) Charles Simic
3) Emily Dickenson
4) Robert Frost

Gee, I really need to read more poetry.

List ten favorite movies (I could watch all these movies 20 times in a row - and in some cases, I have):

1) Titanic
2) Romancing the Stone
3) The Matrix
4) The Fifth Element
5) The Princess Bride
6) Aliens
7) Terminator 2
8) The Pillow Book
9) Bend it Like Beckham
10) 40 Year Old Virgin

List ten favorite musical artists/groups:

1) James Horner
2) David Bowie
3) Tom Petty
4) Everclear
5) The White Stripes
6) Loreena McKennit
7) James Blunt
8) Nivana
9) Enya
10) The Dixie Chicks

List ten favorite magazines (these are all I read):

1) Oprah
2) Hers
3) Oxygen
4) Bitch
5) National Geographic
6) Scientific American
7) Discover
8) Locus

List ten favorite TV shows:

1) Buffy
2) Carnivale
3) My So-Called Life
4) Absolutely Fabulous
5) "V"
6) Dark Shadows (the 1990s version)

As you can see, I believe most television shows are crap, and haven't been addicted to very many.

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La Gringa said...

Jeez, this is a hard one. I don't know if I have ten favorite none-fiction authors. The only one I read voraciously is Thomas Friedman. I could think of ten non-fiction bookks easily, but half of them I can't remember the authors.

Poets, thats easy: here are the ones I recommend:

Carolyn Forche
Sharon Olds
Adrienne Rich
Walt Whitman
Michael Hartnett
Billy Collins
Marge Piercy
Dylan Thomas
Mary Oliver
Anne Sexton
Robinson Jeffers
Hart Crane

Okay, I nee to stop coc i could go one and on with poets. love poetry

ten fiction writers?
richard powers
nicola griffith
charles dickens
victor hugo
carol o'connell
sarah waters
shulamith hareven
ana castillo
diana abu-jaber

ten favorite movies?
children of paradise
wings of desire
silence of the lambs
the fifth element
local hero
big red one
alien/s (both!)
city of lost children

musical artists/groups?
garrison starr
cesaria evora
chris isaak
chris pureka
david bowie
tori amos

ten favorite magazines?
on our backs
entertainment weekly
global rythym
the progressive
new scientist

ten favorite tv shows?
the new battlestar galactica
wire in the blood
queer as folk
babylon 5
law & order: svu
south park

La Gringa said...

PS: i am a little drunk whille writintg this so please forgive typos.

La Gringa said...

possibl,y more than a little drunk. hee!

Kameron Hurley said...

ha haha

Drunkeness is good for you.

I applaud your ability to type in the word verification while drunk. I've had trouble with that in the past...

Kameron Hurley said...

Also, I realized last night that Fight Club was missing from my movie list.

La Gringa said...


Went out with Book Stud last night and had far too many pilsners after our mobile soup kitchen run.

Yeah, sure, I can do the word verification correctly, but apparently none of the actual WORDS. Ha ha!

jeff said...

Firefly doesn't make the list?

Kameron Hurley said...


Yes, Firefly and B-5 should be on this list, too. 

Posted by Kameron Hurley