Thursday, May 25, 2006


...was my blood count this morning, which is dangerously low. Not enough rice last night.

This balancing act is a funny thing.

Drinking some OJ and scarfing toast to even me out before breakfast.

How strange, to have a body that's totally broken.

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Mariana said...

Delurking to say I'm so glad you're ok, and I wish you well through this adjustment period. You are a strong person and you really know yourself, so I think you will come out on top.


the bluest light said...

Keep taking care of yourself. Things will get better over time as you adjust.

Molly said...

I know that for some kids, there's a new insulin pump device that goes into a port in the abdomen.

I also know that the next innovation they're working on with this pump is to basically have blood monitoring to tell when blood sugar is going up, and by how much, so the pump knows when to inject even without human input.

If this second part becomes reality (and from what I understand, it's difficult but not anywhere near impossible), this system would, in essence, be a working replacement pancreas -- just one that you carry on the outside of your body, not the inside.

I don't know if it might be easier, but you might look into those insulin pumps and ports.

I'd also like to ask your permission to talk about you, your blog, and your diabetic experience in a weight-related post on my own blog. When you'd mentioned how easy it was for you to lose weight recently, I thought of a diabetic friend (one who didn't know she was diabetic and was in her early 20s) who'd said the same thing after making very minor lifestyle changes. The weight just kept falling off, she said! She said she had no idea why it was so easy to lose weight all of a sudden (at the time she attributed it to a fad diet, I believe). She certainly didn't bring it up to her doc, because she thought she "needed" to lose about 100 lbs. And then one day she landed in a coma. I think that if our fixation with weight wasn't so huge in this culture, maybe you'd have mentioned to your doctor "hey, I'm losing weight really fast" as easily as you'd have mentioned "hey, I'm gaining weight really fast."

Anyway, let me know. I think it'd be an interesting blog post. 

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resigned idealist said...

Also delurking here (why do I picture a romulan cruiser de-cloaking?)

Been reading your blog on and off for over a year now and am really sorry to hear what's going on with you. Very very glad to see you coming through albeit in smaller steps than you or anyone would like.

Just realize me and mine are pulling for you

miss K said...


Unsane said...

You're one tough cookie!

Eli said...

Wow Kam I stop calling you for a few months and forget to check the blog and this is what I come back to. Well Kid you always did have a flair for the dramatic. Sorry I don't deal with my friends trying to die on me very well.

I have a buddy with one of the pumps Molly was mentioning and he's been a lot happier since he got it. I don't know how they determine eligibility for that but it's definately something good to look into. Plus then you could claim to be a cyborg!

Kameron Hurley said...

Lysha, I miss you!

Email me.

That Girl said...

Broken for right now, but your spirit, your mind and your heart are all still beautiful and whole.
I know that is little consolation right now perhaps, but I admire you for all those things (since Ive never seen you).
I hope that in the struggle to repair (pallativly) your body you dont neglect all the wonderful things that make you so wonderful.