Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Do Women Deserve the Right To Vote?

Yes, she's seriously asking that question.

First abortion, then contraception, then the right to vote...

Most frightening of all?

These are women arguing to take away these rights from other women.

What a surreal world I live in. It's like being in Eastern Europe during the Russian occupation.

If I'm not stuck in some vile 1980s movie about Soviet oppression, I feel surreally stuck in V for Vendetta (you go, Colbert!).

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David Moles said...

Does the New York Sun deserve freedom of the press? No, but they get it anyway. Yay, democracy.

Anonymous said...


Elizabeth McClung said...

There is something wonderful about living next to america - sort of sitting on the edge of a black hole - watching as the people with the most extreme points of view get jobs and huge followings instead of the OCD medication they might actually need.

Unsane said...

well obviously women don't deserve the right to vote in the regions in which they vote in wingnuts.

Lya Kahlo said...

Well, clearly THAT woman doesn't deserve it. That was the most pathetic article I've ever read. Who hired that?

Anonymous said...

I can't read the entire article, as it appears to have been swallowed into the pay-per-view archives. However, based on what I can see, I think she should take it to its logical conclusion.

"If intellectual acumen were a requirement for suffrage today, we'd still be waiting for our shot at the ballot box." Well, how about we make that a requirement regardless of gender, huh? Let's rip the vote from anyone who doesn't meet a minimum requirement of brain activity beyond autonymous functions.

It would make the whole process so much easier, wouldn't it? How many people would be left, I wonder?


Anonymous said...

Lawd, another woman willing to trade
other women's freedom (sex is NOT in her future) for a pat on the head. At least she's true to her last name since she's talkin so much sheee-yit.

Trickish Knave said...

She probably wrote that trash while sitting at her computer wearing her Doc Martin's and a flannel shirt, salivating over the prospect of setting back women's rights by 40 years.

She needs a good horsewhipping.