Thursday, May 04, 2006


I had a first-generation Ukrainian cut my hair yesterday (I work with a ton of first-generation Ukrainians at work - Yellow is 2nd generation Ukrainian - so I'm pretty good at pegging the accent. Sadly, I don't know any Ukrainian words however), and I think there may have been a bit of a language barrier involved in me understanding what she thought I saying I wanted, and I ended up with a haircut that makes me look like one of the original 70s Charlie's Angels, only shorter (I told Jenn, "I have Farrah hair. Dear God.")

Hopefully it'll grow out a little before Wiscon. I look so dorky.

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Anonymous said...

try "beeka heemnot" (phonetic) - I was told this meant "bullshit". My one and only Ukrainian word. 

Posted by NancyP

Khandi said...

This haircut deserves pictures!

ian the insensative said...



*points some more*

*runs and hides before wifey can find me*