Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pencils Made From Human Remains

There's so totally a good story in this.

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David Moles said...

Transforming the pencil case over time, into an urn.

There's something either very right or very wrong about this phrase.

Sucks that you have to provide the remains yourself, doesn't it? Like, couldn't I just order a case of dead strangers?

La Gringa said...

Can I just say: EWWWWW.

Kameron Hurley said...

I think it's freakin kewl! Of course, I also think The Pillow Book is one of the sexiest movies I've ever seen.

I'm morbid that way.

And yes, I think that's the story title, "A Case of Dead Strangers."

La Gringa said...

There's also a company that makes genstones out of your deceased loved ones.LifeGems

They're kinda pretty, too

Patrick said...

La Gringa, I have talked to my wife and specifically told her that when I die, I want to be turned into bling.

She's a little creeped out by the idea, but it's pretty much my ideal way to live on. (I don't wear a ton of jewelry, but I loves ma rings. It is the one form of bling at which I excel.)

Jenn, Kam, take this as my living will! Bling! Not scattered into the ocean, not locked in a crypt. BLING! And something tasteful for a setting. Platinum, maybe, with a small sapphire on either side. Or with some really nice turquoise inlay on silver if Karin decides to go for the Native American styling. 

Posted by Patrick

Karin said...

So, Hi -- this is "Patrick's wife", sometimes also known as Karin. I was just told to come here to read my hubby's "living will". Again with the "turn me into bling when I die" thing. Followed by "Can I turn YOU into bling if you go first?"

My response: Fine. Penis bling, then.

I promise my next post will be something not-ridiculous.

Posted by Karin

Kameron Hurley said...

I love you guys.