Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Motrin is My Friend

But hey, if that's the only consequence to having an IUD anymore, I'll take it. Why doesn't everyone have one of these?

Oh, yea, cause the first three months fucking sucked.

Also, I've discovered why so many of my characters in my last two books get their fingers chopped off. I just chopped my finger again with our new kitchen knife. Jenn has this set of ultra sharp knives, and I was constantly bleeding all over everything. Then they lost thier sharpness, so me, being the brilliant person I am, bought a new one.

Chopping up salad greens was never so exciting. Though typing is now a little painful.


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Anonymous said...

I've contributed iron to many a salad that way. Recently it's been carrying things clutziness-- a wassabi bowl and our drinks from Sonic just Sunday...


David Moles said...

And when the cut miraculously heals, you know you're just a figment of someone else's imagination! Very handy.

David Moles said...

(Wait, I thought you had the IUD out. Or were you just thinking about having it out?)

Kameron Hurley said...

Hm, yes, there seems to be some confusion about the IUD; someone else emailed me about that as well.

I was scheduled to have it out the week I went into a coma. I was still in the hospital the day I was scheduled to have the appointment, so, as fate would have it, I missed the appointment.

As it turns out, it wasn't the IUD causing the infections, but the high blood sugar, and now that the blood sugar's taken care of, I'm not getting the infections anymore (wheee!).

So I get to keep my IUD, which makes me happy, cause it works great, it cost a lot, and it'd be damn painful to get it out. I wasn't particularly looking forward to that appointment anyway, but I just couldn't live with the yeast anymore.

Insulin is a wonderful thing.