Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Song that Finally Made me Sign up For iTunes

I was listening to Whiskey from a Wire at work today (on headphones of course), and this song came on.

I was suddenly so utterly and completely distracted that I uploaded two copies of the document I was uploading - three times.

Three times, people.

The fact that the acrobatics described in this song assume a female partner didn't even give me pause. In my happy either/or world, I could make most of that work with either partner, which I am bound to do because thinking about sex these days generally puts me in mind of... well. Anyway.

Damn, that's a sexy song.

OK, maybe I've just been thinking too much about sex lately.

Or, more than usual.

I mean, it's less than all the time.


That is a sexy fucking song.

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jeff said...

Did you get the live version as well? MMmhmmm. That's good stuff, coming close to being as good as seeing her perform it live to a crowd who likes it as much as you do.

Also fantastic: Ferrick's parody song of Melissa Etheridge's "I'm the Only One," dubbed "I'm a Lesbian"...