Saturday, June 02, 2007

Sorting Out the AirCon Issue

Things here at Casa de B. have been pretty sluggish as of late do in large part to the aircon situation. It's hotter than hell here (OK, 80s and 90s, not that real feel 115 I had in Chicago last year, but hey), and we've just turned on the aircon today (I am not paying for it, so it's not like I can gun for it, though now that I'm employed I do hope to pay for at least my portion of utilities bills next month).

What this means, though, is that there's been a lot of half-hearted working out, blogging, and writing-revising this week, which should hopefully be kicked back into full gear now that I'm not constantly thinking about how fucking hot it is.

I'm sure Jared Diamond would have something to say about climate and productivity. In South Africa, productivity pretty much just went out the window for two months during the summer. It was just too hot to move.

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