Monday, June 11, 2007

Suck it Up, Hurley

Well, the collective effort of three moderately active people finally made the old elliptical I carted in from Chicago go kaput. Me and the roomies spent the entirety of Sunday afternoon looking for a similiarly compact and reasonably priced machine, to no avail. We'll eventually get a new one, but not this week.

This means I either need to go jogging or take another bike ride tonight. And, really, I need to bike down to the proposed MA school and sign up for a free trial class for Wednesday.

But! But! But!

Ugh. Exercise. You do it cause you feel better afterwards.

Really, that's the only reason.

OK, and you lift weights cause it makes your arms look cool, and you can hit people.

I mean, in self defense!


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Zenobia said...

I see we exercise for the same reasons!

And looking at your blog, you have a refreshing perspective on body politics -with the body being used to do stuff like fighting and physical effort, which makes a nice change from all the musings on the implications of soft fat on childbearing. It's a proven fact (albeit empirically, by me) that women can biff people just as hard as men.

Anyway, good blog, I'll resume lurking now.