Saturday, July 21, 2007

Around the House

Steph's in-laws are here for the week to work on the cabinets and the plumbing in this 1940s-era fixer-upper.

Steph and the Old Man have a really great coffee maker that's shiny and kewl and makes the best coffee ever, but it had been taking progressively longer and longer for the coffee to brew. Steph's mother-in-law, Nancy, noted this and brewed the thing with - get this - vinegar, in order to dissolve all of the deposits in the machine.

After a thorough brew with the vinegar solution and two more brews with regular water. the thing works great.

Here are 61 other little-known uses for vinegar.

(by the time I leave this place, I'm going to be a regular home handywoman - who can cook too)

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