Monday, July 09, 2007

Diabetes Tote Bag

As clever as this thing is, I have such affection for my dragonfly bag and separate laptop bag... plus, you know, it's not like I'm carrying around my laptop everywhere, whereas I generally carry my insulin around everywhere; it just makes more sense for me to carry it in a purse, and being able to easily transfer everything from a purse to a backpack to a laptop bag is pretty handy.

I guess the diabetes bag part does come out, but it still looks bulky, and again, you're still stuck with just one design.

But, then, I think I'm just terribly proud of my custom diabetes carrying case. Perhaps what everyone needs is a nice portable one of these creations, paired with my red Frio insulated bag for keeping up to four vials of insulin cool, as shown here (a lovely copy of Air included as a size reference)

It fits quite neatly into my dragonfly bag.

And I can carry it around everywhere... from Spain to Switzerland to Morocco to... Dayton, OH.

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