Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dolls Can't Love You. But Then, if Real Folks Can't Either...


Dolls can't love you, people.

But you can, indeed, love them.

What I loved about Dradin, in Love of course, is that the protagonist realizes that this is, indeed, exactly the way he wants it. Not everybody actually wants a relationship with people. Not everyone should have a relationship with real people. And that's totally cool.

The thing here bothers me in a "oh sweet fucking jesus" sense here is that, I think, some of these men really do think their dolls are real women.

And that's really scary.

And the more I watch this thing, the sadder it is. The misconceptions people have about people. How people are just out to hurt you. How women are completely unknowable creatures. How loving things is so much easier than loving people. It's so deeply sad. It makes my heart hurt.

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Djiril said...

That is both sad and creepy. In that order, I think.