Friday, July 06, 2007

Help La Gringa Pay Rent!

La Gringa is a hardworking woman in the SF/F publishing industry who's been through a disastrous run of bad luck at various SF/F publishing houses and has been laid off and then laid off again for well over a year. Money's been running out for ages, she also has various medical bills to pay, and she has FINALLY asked the blogsphere for some dough to help make it through this month.

She's in NYC and rent ain't cheap, so please help her out. Ya'll know the extent of my financial situation, and I sent her some $$, people. Every dollar helps.

(c'mon, if ya'll can send Ben Burgis to Clarion and John Scalzi to the Creation Museum, you can help La Gringa pay rent)


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La Gringa said...
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La Gringa said...

Actually, it was just one fabulous six year run at one skiffy publishing house, and then I got laid off. (Just to clarify.) It was a great place to work, though.

A year later I had a brief four week stint at an art book publisher who decided to restructure their upper management AFTER I was hired. (Ridiculous!)

But I appreciate your help, ma'am! :-)

BenTheDanevolent said...

Excellent point. I just dropped a few bucks in the jar.

La Gringa said...

Thanks, Ben!