Wednesday, July 25, 2007


As of tomorrow at 8:00 am, I will officially be an employee of the financial services company downtown, working (officially!) as a document, technical, and copywriter.

Benefits start first day.

I'm not allowed to disclose how much I make according to the Employee Handbook or I'll be fired, but I'll say it's more than I made as a temp in Chicago but less than I made as an employee in Chicago.

Basically: I'll be making just enough.


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Jackie M. said...

So no bonus trips to the ER 'til then, okay?

(And get yourself one of those hoity-toity primary-care physicians. Even without insurance, I bet they'd only charge you $200-300 to tell you they have no clue why your stomach hurts...)

Kameron Hurley said...


Jackie M. said...

Think of it as $500 saved.

And a point in favor of a PCP: mine was writing out a referrals to have an MRI and see a neurosurgeon within 30 seconds of my telling him that the shooting pains in my leg were causing a loss of feeling in my left foot. I'd done a lot of research on back pain by then, but I really had no idea that numbness in my leg pretty much guaranteed that I need surgical spinal decompression, and fast; without that doctor's appointment, it would have been several more weeks before the pain got bad enough to send me to the ER.

Limiting Factor said...

Yay, benefits!

But keep an eye out for the dreaded clauses "pre-existing condition" and "wellness cap".

Hannah said...

Wait, weren't you already hired?

Not that it matters. I'm just confused.


La Gringa said...

In all honesty, you should probably refrain from writing about your employer and your job in any way at all. In this day and age it is far too risky.

Kameron Hurley said...

Hannah - they *wanted* to hire me. It's taken all this time since I posted that LJ post until now for them to negotiate me away from my temp agency.